A chair in need of t l c finish chair returned to its former glory


This 1950's Club chair has clearly seen better days but the quality of frame and style of the chair is something rarely seen today. We stripped the chair down to it's bare frame and traditionally re-upholstered it. We did this using all the same techniques and stuffings that would have been used originally. Using coil sprngs, jute web, fibre, horse hair, cotton felt etc. As you can see it looks as good as new, hopefully it will last another 60 years.

beautiful day bed in a duck egg fabric


The chez lounge pictured on the left was in a terrible state before we traditionally re-upholstered. We replaced all springs and stuffings before deep buttoning the back arm and covering the seat in this beautiful Designers Guild fabric, giving this classic chez lounge a more modern feel.

Wing ChairStunnig pink wing chair


This traditional wing chair (pictured to the left) was not in too bad condition so we checked all the springs, webbing and stuffing before recovering. We replaced just what was needed and recovered it in this stunning Designers Guild fabric. Recovering is a good option if your just looking to change the look of a piece, it is also a little bit cheaper. A piece can only be recovered if all the springs,webbing and stuffing are in good condition and meet with all the modern day fire regulations.

Club sofa in need of total re-upholstery Club sofa totally Re-upholstered in a striking stripped fabric


A customer called us for a quotation to re-upholster this classic 1950's club sofa, which was previously owned by her Grandmother. We came to their house with a variety of pattern books, unfortunitely none of which was to their liking so we measured the sofa advised them how much fabric how they would need and gave them a price for just the labour of re-upholstering. This was far cheaper than buying a quality sofa new so the customer bought the fabric themselves and we upholstered it for them.


Tub ChairHelen Amy Murray tub chair


We re-upholstered this classy looking tub chair and covered it in a striped Romo fabric which the customer picked from our wide selection of pattern books. When covering this we had to play particular attention to matching the stripes. We pattern match all striped,checked,floral etc fabrics, when doing this customers should allow a bit extra fabric incase of waste.The tub chair to the right we upholstered for the designer Helen Amy Murray in her own unique fabric.


Helen Amy Murray Wing ChairHelen Amy Murray foot stool

Helen Amy Murray tub chairHelen Amy Murray


Helen Amy Murray is an emerging talent who has been internationally recognised for her hands on luxury creations. Helen's unique style of carving sulptures into fabrics and leather have made her really stand out. We have worked with Helen on many pieces including the wing chairs, footstool, tub chair and headboard pictured above. As well as that we have upholstered a variety of different chairs, stools, headboards and wall panels totally bespoke to Helen Amy Murrays designs. If you would like to see more of Helen Amy Murray's work please use the following link.

Villain chair by SuckUk Red vinyl Buttoned heart shaped door


Suckuk are a team of talented desiners who produce some unusual and quirky products including the Villain chair pictured above. We have worked with SuckUk on a number of other products including chairs and stools. If you would like to see more of suckUk's work please use the following link. pictue above to right is a giant heart shaped door we upholstered and buttoned in red vinyl for a designer, this and several other smaller doors was used in Kyle Minogue's Showgirl tour.


Nightclub seating, chairs and stoolsNightclub seating, wall panels and stoolsRestaurant bench seating, stools and wall panels


The Valmont club pictured aboved was designed by Lee Broom. We worked with Lee Broom to create bench seating, banquet seating, seated boothes, wall panels, stools, upholstered walls and cushions. All of which was made exactly to his bespoke designs, we worked partly with his on site carpenter and the rest we worked with our own specialist frame makers. When we do seating such as this we are happy to create what ever sort seating our customers desire, with all our expertise we can also advise on the best style of seating to suit their needs and budget.

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